Is your child constantly arguing, shouting and being aggressive?
Is your child always in trouble at school?
Is his self-esteem on the floor and he feels useless and no good? 
Please watch this 2 minute video...
Life is difficult
  •  Children with low self-esteem
  •  Stressed and frazzled parents
  •   Siblings feeling left out
  •   Family life feels broken
It doesn't have to be this way
With some simple techniques and strategies, there could be:
  •  Calm, peaceful household 
  •  Contented parents
  •  Sibling harmony
  •  Children with fantastic self-belief
"Soli is extremely experienced and has a great understanding of why children have poor self-worth and low self-esteem....and then what you can do about it"

Soli runs a successful training session which gives participants real solutions: 
  •   PART I: Self Esteem - Why we must take this seriously: Children's emotional health is suffering and they fail to thrive
  •  PART II: Techniques To Raise Self-Esteem: Real ideas and practical solutions
Soli is passionate about giving all children an opportunity to achieve and thrive.

 If the environment, attitude and appropriate resources are considered, then every child will feel valued and then feel amazing about themselves.

A child who has great emotional health will be resilient and able to face the difficulties of life.

You will be armed with the knowledge and tools to dramatically change how a child feels about themselves.

Cost for Training: £297 to include travel, handouts and all disbursements
Special Rate for Charities: £147

Pop your details in the boxes below and Soli will contact you to arrange some first-class training and discuss your specific requirements
What people say about Soli ....
Author of
5 Reasons Why Most Schools Fail Your Child With Special Needs

Soli Lazarus B.Educ (Hons) Psychology

* Soli's previous role was Special Needs Coordinator (SENCO) at a large primary school in London. 

* She is a fully qualified teacher with some 30 years experience; specialising in Inclusion, ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s, Developmental Delay, Communication and Learning Difficulties, Down’s Syndrome and Dyslexia. 

* She has attended numerous SEN courses, workshops, exhibitions and has herself run training and planning sessions. She is trained in Mental Health First Aid and Makaton signing.

* Soli has organised and run many residential trips for children with disabilities and challenging behaviour. An environment where children, away from the confines of a classroom, can flourish and excel.

* Her son has ADHD and so knows what it's like to struggle and feel isolated. She battled for years to get much needed support in school and to get the right help for your son.

* She is the author of two books with many 5* reviews on Amazon.
          Five Reasons Why Most Schools Fail Your Child With Special Needs.And What You Can Do About It
          Five Reasons Why Some Children Fail To Make Progress At School
* She has also produced "The Secret To Behaviour Success" which gives the tools to make personalised visual resources to help avoid meltdowns and tantrums.

* Her consultancy Yellow Sun delivers support and advice to parents of children with special needs and challenging behaviour. She offers 1:1 bespoke coaching as well as representing families at meetings.

* Soli provides training and workshops to schools and charities to promote understanding of special needs, inclusion and differentiation.

* Every month Soli runs The Warrior Mums' Club, a support group for parents

* Soli writes a regular blog and has contributed to Huffington Post, Medium and SEN Specialist Magazines

* Finally, Soli wants to give back. So she donates a proportion of her income to projects that directly help struggling families.


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