Thursday 5th July
9.30am to 2.30pm
Holiday Inn, Borehamwood, Herts

Q + A

Michelle Beckett - Founder ADHD Action; adult with moderate to severe combined type ADHD
Some parents may worry about what the future holds for their ADHD children, and if their condition may mean they never live up to their full potential. Michelle will share her own ADHD story and how she believes her neuro-difference is the key to her success.
She will share how you can nurture these unique strengths in your children, and how fully embracing her ADHD has given her purpose and helped her find that elusive self-esteem.  
Michelle is the founder of a new charity ADHD Action, started in October 2017 to transform how ADHD is viewed, treated and understood in the UK.

Michelle was diagnosed with ADHD age 44 in March 2017. She took to a political stage in September 2017 to highlight the huge societal and financial costs to not fully recognising or supporting ADHD in the UK. Since then she has successfully set up an All Party Parliamentary Group on ADHD, which recently lead to Parliament’s first ever formal debate on the subject. The Minister for Mental Health has now agreed on record to look into making the changes people desperately need.
She also works to educate and bust stigma, appearing on national radio and TV, in the press, writing her own articles and sharing her journey through talks up and down the UK. She speaks at NHS commissioner conferences, to GPs, teachers, parents, and in workplaces.
Michelle is a volunteer and runs ADHD Action on top of her day job. 
How The Law Empowers SEN Parents
Adam Friel - Sinclairs Law
What are your legal rights when it comes to school?
Should your child be on a 'reduced timetable'?
How do you appeal an EHCP?
Get the legal expert to tell you how.
Adam is the supervising solicitor of Sinclairs Law education law department, practising from the London office. Adam has extensive experience in all areas of education law, with specific expertise in:
Appeals and claims to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal.
Disputes and claims with schools.
School exclusions reviews and admissions appeals.
All higher education disputes, including internal appeals and complaints and complaints to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator.

Adam’s interest in education law was sparked as a consequence of his own learning difficulties (dyslexia) and the difficulties he faced both at school and university. He is very passionate about education rights and has been involved in a number of pro bono projects, including charity monthly advice clinics. He has also been interviewed for BBC radio and television shows. Adam is regularly invited to be a speaker at events, talks, workshops and conferences to charities and schools regarding educational issues.
Parenting Your ADHD Child In The Digital Age
Simon Aston - Online Safety Officer
Our children are growing up in a digital world. We have no idea what they are looking at, who they are talking to and what they are doing. Scary stuff as we know our children with ADHD are even more vulnerable.
Simon will give you some brilliant tips how to get your child to put their phone down, how to be in control and how to maintain a healthy balance.
As the Online Safety Officer for Northamptonshire, Simon travels around the country and provides sessions in schools and for parents, youth clubs, social works and councillors. He works very closely with the police around online safety and self-esteem. 

Simonis passionate about mental health, safeguarding, critical thinking and resilience, following his motto:
“Do more things that make you forget to check your phone”
Raising Self-Esteem Of Your Child With ADHD
Soli Lazarus - Yellow Sun Consultancy
Our children with ADHD have such low self-esteem as they've been constantly told off, excluded from friendships and feel useless.
Soli will give some real practical tips how to work together with school to make your child  with ADHD feel amazing.
What to do at home so that life is not such a battle.
We must take the emotional welfare of our children seriously.
Soli's previous role was Special Needs Coordinator (SENCO) at a large primary school in London.
She is a fully qualified teacher with 30 years experience.
Her son has ADHD and so knows what it's like to struggle and feel isolated. She battled for years to get much needed support in school and to get the right help for your son. 

Her consultancy Yellow Sun delivers support and advice to parents of children with special needs and challenging behaviour. She offers 1:1 bespoke coaching as well as representing families at meetings. 
Soli provides training and workshops to schools to promote understanding of special needs, inclusion and differentiation.
Every month Soli runs The Warrior Mums' Club, a support group for parents . She has written an online training course 'How To LIve A Happy Life With A Child With ADHD'
Soli writes a regular blog and has contributed to Huffington Post, Medium and SEN Specialist Magazines .

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