Are you struggling with the challenging behaviour of your child with ADHD?
Life can be really tough - battling with your child, trying to get help and support and realising that most of the people you know think you're a bad parent.

I can help you
'Six Steps To Live A Happy Life With A Child With ADHD'

Practical ideas and strategies to use TODAY at home to dramatically improve the behaviour of your child.

Soli is a fabulous lady with great insight and knowledge
Michelle, Parent
Soli appeared on TV to talk about her book 
'5 Reasons Why Most Schools fail Your Child With Special Needs'

What clients say about Soli ....
Soli is really easy to talk to and has so much knowledge and experience that it is a conversation really worth investing in .
She can help with really practical advice and had knowledge of areas that are hard to access.
Highly recommended.

Kate - Parent

Sarah - Parent
I've attended many workshops and parenting programmes but never felt really understood. When I booked a workshop run by Soli I finally felt I was heard and understood, I could relate and I could feel relaxed, without being judged!
Soli gave me great advice , encouragement and tips to support myself and my child, that made me feel more clear about what to do exactly . Also great resources to implement strategies!

Caroline - Parent
Soli's advice and understanding has been so valuable to us as a family. I was given some great tips and could see the results instantly. Thank you so much for making daily life so much easier!

Melodie - Parent

Soli was so helpful and understanding and gave me some great advice to help me deal with my toddlers challenging behaviour. She was knowledgable and non-judgmental and gave me the confidence to take her advice and put it into practice with great results!

Sophie - Parent

Thank you so much for your much needed advice and support. I really do appreciate your understanding and experience. 
Knowing you are on board has made it much easier  
It's kind of lifted a weight off my mind a little!

Sairah - Parent

Soli Lazarus is an experienced educator, determined mum and passionate believer that all children should be allowed to prosper in schools. Her warm and heartfelt advice will support parents in making choices for their children

Martin Illingworth - Senior Lecturer in English Education, Sheffield Hallam University

The way in which Soli champions our kids is inspiring.
She able to offer realistic approaches and practical, achievable
suggestions for parents struggling to ensure that their children are successful and have a
positive experience of school

Bozena - Autism advisor

Thank you Soli for being a true ray of sunshine.

 Sam Lethbridge - Parent and Founder of It's Not You Group on Facebook

I am very grateful for your advice and support

Gina - Parent

Lauren - Teacher

It was like a breath of fresh air speaking to you yesterday

Abigail - Parent

I’ve been to a few workshops and this was the best! Very realistic, real people I can relate to. Didn’t feel alone for the first time.

Caroline - Parent
Thank you for a great course. They were all useful reminders and the experiences everyone shared was very sad but at the same time comforting to know that I’m not alone as I could relate to a lot of it, particularly the isolation and the labelling.

Sarah - Parent
It was truly wonderful to meet you and it’s always so useful to be reminded of strategies and priorities that are easily forgotten.

Karen - Parent
My son is the most precious thing to me. He has profound communication difficulties and other professionals may have failed to understand his potential.
Soli came into our lives when he was in Reception Class and immediately realised that my son had a lot to say but that his words were trapped. She worked tirelessly on different systems and have found a successful way of expressing his needs, ideas and opinions! This has helped us enormously at home and when we go out.
Soli accompanied us, in her own time, to Great Ormond Street Hospital to various meetings to give us professional support.
I highly recommend her services.
Sam - Parent
Soli has many years of experience. Our children, staff and parents love and respect her for the way that she strives to provide the very best so each child can reach their personal potential and be included. She understands and takes into account individual needs and is very knowledgeable. No challenge is too daunting!

Lindy - SENCO
I decided to invest in the services of Yellow Sun as I was a despairing parent of a 10 year old with challenging behaviour who had not bee to school for 8 weeks.
Services provided by NHS were unsuccessful and there seemed to be no light at the end of a dark tunnel.
The service that I received from Soli at Yellow Sun right from initial contact was caring, personal but professional and most importantly she was extremely skilled and talented.
Within TWO DAYS, my daughter was back at school part time and back full time within ONE WEEK.
I was provided with lots of parenting tips which are effective and non patronising

Emma - Parent
Thank you for your time this afternoon. I definitely found it very beneficial and will be talking through your suggestions with my husband later and taking steps to implement the ideas. It was also really lovely to get some encouragement.
Natasha - Parent
After speaking to Soli on the phone, I went to the Warrior Mums meeting and so glad I did. What a lovely lady Soli is, so understanding, professional and fun.
I felt comfortable with Soli and everyone else from the word go and wish we could meet up at least twice a week!
Can't wait until next time.  
Thank you
Louise - Parent

Soli Lazarus B.Ed (Hons)

* Soli's previous role was Special Needs Coordinator (SENCO) at a large primary school in London.
* She is a fully qualified teacher with some 30 years experience; specialising in ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s, Developmental Delay, Communication and Learning Difficulties, Down’s Syndrome and Dyslexia.

* She has attended numerous ADHD courses, workshops, exhibitions and conferences

* Soli holds a current DBS certificate

* Soli is on the Barnet Partnership for School Improvement panel

* Her son has ADHD and so knows what it's like to live with the daily struggle

* She is the author of two books with many 5* reviews on Amazon.

* Soli is involved with the All Party Parliamentary Group of MPs on raising awareness of ADHD and busting the stigma

* Her consultancy Yellow Sun delivers support and advice to parents of children with special needs and challenging behaviour. She offers 1:1 personalized coaching as well as representing families at meetings.

* Every month Soli runs The Warrior Mums' Club, a support group for parents

* Soli writes a regular blog and has contributed to Huffington Post, Medium and SEN Specialist Magazines

'Six Steps To Live A Happy Life With A Child With ADHD'

Practical ideas and strategies to use TODAY at home to dramatically improve the behaviour of your child.


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